WhEn WhY WhAt!!

22 Jul

Today while walking back home from college i got a thought of “shiva charan raj resuming blogging”… no specific reason for that [“as if you
have a valid reason while you stopped blogging ;-)]…
so started to think on what to post… i just looked around hoping to get some inspiration from the happenings on that small street road…. 1st thing i noticed was a dog barking at another dog(great start dude!!), then my eyes went on to a college going couple walking (may be bunking) on that road… they really make a good pair :)) i moved on n reached a temple, heard some divine spells…. i moved forward n i found a little girl learning to ride a bicycle n her father training her all of these seemed interesting n i thought of posting something on these issues…. but there was one damn interesting thing that i noticed after sometime was “I forgot my blogging account’s password” πŸ˜€
i could reset that n by that time everything faded out of my mind…. so let me(no one is stopping u) hope some better posts from next day…. πŸ™‚

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