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Well…. i am in my final year graduation and more over from the most appealing computer science department… i am going to be addressed as an engineer in a few months from now… at this point, here comes my doubt…. am i an educated??? lets see……..
i went to school for 13 long years, there i was taught the alphabets and numbers, nothing except that…. the complicated physics chemistry, biology n mathematics are just the advancements to those alphabets n numbers. well that’s fine, what did i learn about my daily struggle…? today i am surrounded by many questions to which i have no answers.. i neither expected nor my teachers told about these questions….. when i mentioned this point to my friend he said, “SCHOOL DON’T TEACH YOU EVERYTHING IT” LL JUST GIVE YOU THE KNOWLEDGE TO ANSWER DIFFERENT QUESTIONS AND TACKLE VARIOUS PROBLEMS, U NEED TO APPLY THEM CORRECTLY”. okay lets believe in his words, now lets go back and analyze what school taught me n how i can apply them….
>school taught me subjects not knowledge…..
>school taught me physical sciences but not about this physical world…..
>school taught me to equalize LHS and RHS but didn’t tell me how to bring the scattered graph of my life into an equilibrium position…
>school taught me “X is unknown and can be found” but didn’t teach me that there ll be more n more X’s which are very tough to solve in real world….
>school taught me languages but not the skills….
>school taught me about the human body but failed to explain me about human psychology…..
I have learnt many things in school( in fact school made me read,not learn) which has no use now and i didn’t learn many more things which i desperately need in my practical life…..
school taught me OhMs law, which i can define even today but don’t know where it is applied….. school taught me Newtons 3rd law stating every action has an equal and opposite reaction but practically in my life every action has a set of reactions which have more intensity than the original action… school taught me that catalyst is an agent which doesn’t react but increases/decreases the rate of reaction, but why do catalysts(mediators) in my life has a major role in reactions(consequences)….. school taught me the reproductive system of a frog, where do i apply that..:D i was made to pledge, all INDIANS are my brothers n sisters.. is it so??? 😦 :(….
school never taught me about love…. it neither taught me about hatred….. in short school didn’t teach me LIFE. i love my school though n missing it a lot.. school didn’t educate me about life it just fed me crap but it gave me friends, friends forever… 🙂

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Ethics??? can u define them…

>What should a press reporter do when there is a bomb blast….??? should he report that news so that the world knows about it or should he take part in the rescue operation…
>What should a doctor do when a medico-legal case comes to his hospital…???
should he start treating the patient or wait for the legal clearance…

we all may have different opinions on these issues…. there is always a dispute between professional commitment and moral obligations… but this dispute became a wide discussed issue because of one photograph which fetched Pulitzer prize to the photographer…. but the issue of concern is the same photograph forced himself to commit suicide just few days after he received the Pulitzer….
KEVIN CARTER, a free-lance photo journalist from south africa was never even a reputed photographer in his own country before 26th march,1993. one of his photographs got published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on 26th march,1993…. looking at that the whole world was shocked….
carter was in SUDAN to report the famine in march 1993. there he was taking the photographs of the famine affected people and places…. he found a little girl resting on the ground for a while on her way to the UN rescue center which is few meters away from that place…. suddenly he observed a vulture landing behind that girl. As a professional photographer any one would love to take that picture,more over carter was in the field of media where rare pictures and reports would always be rewarded…. carter wanted the picture to be more appealing so he waited for the vulture to spread its wings…. even after 20 minutes of waiting the vulture didn’t spread the wings… so carter just clicked his camera on the vulture and the girl and left that place…
That photograph became very famous as “THE PHOTOGRAPH WHICH MADE THE WORLD WEEP”. That didn’t just made the world weep but also turned the selfish world to a generous world….. a huge amount of funds were transferred to Sudan famine relief after this photograph was published in TIMES.

This photograph bought KEVIN CARTER a great reputation as a press photographer and more than that he was terribly criticized for not helping that girl to move into the the rescue camp and instead waiting for a better scene….. one of the American news papers by publishing that photograph stated that “we can only see one vulture in the scene but there is one more predator behind the camera adjusting his lens”….this sort of criticism eventually led carter to commit suicide. carter received PULITZER on may 24th 1994, on July 27th 1994 carter left this world….
Though many say that carter need not be blamed and he has done nothing unethical, these arguments were eclipsed by the criticisms and carter was found dead instead of being in a higher position after receiving the PULITZER..
what ever the argument may be, this photograph revealed the actual picture of African hunger to the outside world and indirectly raised many funds for the development of African backward countries…. According to me Kevin carter is one of those who contributed to some cause and was never rewarded,in fact he was killed…..

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