c/-/@/\/ging minds—c/-/@/\/ging dreams

03 Sep

Its been many days since i made a post in this blog…The hypothetical reason for the delayed post is “i’m busy” but the actual reason is I’m with no thoughts to express these days ;-)….. Finally, I’m here with an interesting topic….
“what do you wanna become after growing up?”
“tum bade ho kar kya banna chahte ho?”

whatever the language is,you might have faced this sort of questions in your life, probably still facing……! I’m sure you never gave the same answer whenever you are asked this question…. just go back and recollect those different answers you gave when you are asked “what do u want to become in future?”…. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this journey to ur past dreams and goals.. πŸ™‚
My 1st ambition was to be an “ICE CREAM waala”…..;-) sounds funny but i’m serious…at the age of 4-5 my mom never allowed me to have ice creams regularly, so i thought “how lucky that ice cream waala is, he can have any number of ice creams he wish to have” that was the time when i told my mom. “MUMMY I’LL BECOME AN ICE CREAM WAALA WHEN IM BIG” πŸ˜€
When I’m dreaming of my own ice cream business my dad got transferred n i have to change my school. I was taken to a school which conducts interview to a 2nd class kid planning to join in it.. :-@ My mom made me prepare as if i was going to attend the final round of civil services interview…she threatened me that my answer should be “doctor” when the so called interviewer asks me about my ambition in that so called interview…..At that time I never knew that doctor is a profession and never thought that i can even think of becoming a doctor…. any how i was interviewed by the principal, Mrs.Mary.C.Das (heard that she passed away recently, may her soul rest in peace…. what an inspiring person she was!!). she asked me many questions in maths, science etc etc and finally came to the my favorite question…. i looked at my mom, she made a sign n i said “I WANT TO BECOME A DOCTOR” .I don’t know why but everyone over there gave a pleasant smile including my mom…. i was admitted into that school… πŸ™‚
“Being a Doctor”, this thought didn’t stay in my mind for many days…. My school teachers made a strong impact on my next decision of being a teacher when i grow up.. The thought of carrying a cane in one hand and threatening the students drove me crazy.. i thought if i can become a teacher everyone would stand up when i enter the class and shout “GOOD MORNING SIR”. πŸ˜€ More than any thing else my fantasies went around punishing the students and asking the to write impositions.. wow!!,what a life i thought!!. I WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER was my answer then..
It was Kargil war time when i’m in 4th or 5th standard… every one was talking about war, soldiers, attacks etc…some movies too highlighted and exposed the life style of a soldier.. This inspired me to join INDIAN ARMY… later my passion shifted to INDIAN NAVY(thanks to shareef who made me know about navy at the age of 11 ;-))Then after i dreamt of being a POLICE OFFICER….. my dad told me about IAS, then my dreams shifted towards being an IAS officer.

I had many other dreams later but my dreams never got focused on engineering. i neither had a dream nor was forced to dream of being an engineer but destiny brought me here..
I still have many dreams.. i dream of being a journalist, i dream of establishing my own firm, i dream of entering politics( LOL, am I??) πŸ˜‰ but don’t know how i’m going to be after an year from now…

I’m sure i wont be anyone whom i dreamt about but surely will be someone whom everyone will dream about……!!

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One response to “c/-/@/\/ging minds—c/-/@/\/ging dreams

  1. Sai Supriya

    March 11, 2012 at 2:53 am

    The last line is ALL that defines You dude! πŸ™‚


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