not so happy to seek help !!!

29 Sep

Letter to my dear mobile service provider…….

I am very happy and excited when i first saw your “HAPPY TO HELP” advertisements, but i never thought that u would make us seek your help forcibly.. you may be very free to help us always but, sorry i am not free to seek your help every day. i don’t understand why you are so desperate to help me by creating new problems everyday.. it wont be called as help if you force me to come to you every now and then, i call it torture….
one very latest help you provided is regarding resubmission of ID and address proofs… 1st time i submitted, your executive verified them and with an artificial smile she said “Thank you sir! HAPPY TO HELP you” don’t know why but you rejected my documents after few days, may be because you want to help me again and again. you didn’t tell me why you rejected my documents even though your executive made a thorough verification…
You are my dearest service provider so i submitted my documents for the 2nd time, this time your executive was too hot 😉 and she had a natural smile unlike the previous executive… she verified them for 5 mins and said “its done sir! now you can enjoy uninterrupted services HAPPY TO HELP you”… i winked on her n came out 😉 .. After few days i got a message form you asking to submit my documents again…
I think this time your intention is not just to help me again but also to take revenge on my wink to your executive.. I have decided not to submit any documents as i am fed up of doing it. but you are a champ, you know how to make me come to you and seek your help, you started interrupting my service and made me approach you for help… i have submitted the documents for the third time today, this time its a male executive so no winks and no smiles but “HAPPY TO HELP you” was always there… 🙂
My dear!! why do you waste your time and my time in helping me, accept my documents at least now. I’m in love with you just because i don’t want to change my number otherwise you know very well where you would be…… please help me when ever i need, don’t create that need and try to help me.

yours loving client(helpee)

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