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“we live only 10% of our life and the remaining 90% we respond to to it.” ….. a doctor from YAGNA

October has always been a month to remember in every year of my life…. i got a reason to remember this years October a yesterday… Its the first national college social clubs conference organized by “YUVA VARADHI”.
A day before the conference, the sense of feeling a responsibility was at its peak in all the organizing members. The division of ownerships was perfectly done….. people say “no one in the world works as slow as INDIANS till the last minute and no one works as fast as them in the last minute”.. This is not totally true with our organizing committee but yes, it is a partial truth.
On the day of event i was worried of wearing a formal dress more than anything else because that was the thing which i didn’t do for the past few months… 🙂 I was a bit late to the venue but still what made me happy was there are many people who came after me…
The conference started on time(not really but reasonably on time 😉 ). My co-hostess was very tensed initially and started counting numbers but finally she made her mark and took the privilege of starting the first national college social clubs conference…. congrats tejaswi, YV will grow big and you will hold this record of starting its first conference for ever 🙂
Mayur’s introduction session with all the delegates showed the diversity of the conference which was followed by his presentation on YV and followed by Abhishek’s presentation on poverty in India….. Mr.rajasekhar IAS has arrived and started his interactive session with the delegates…. All these time I and tejaswi has no work except to sit idle(sorry i sat, but tejaswi didn’t, whole day she was standing on that podium) All the organizers were busy with their respective tasks and both of us felt we are the bindaas people without any serious job… Its obvious that many issues comes to mind when you are jobless and the foremost one among them is hunger, especially when you did not have your breakfast… so i went in search of some snacks but unfortunately didn’t get any.. 🙂

Rajasekhar’s session was circled mostly around abolition of poverty and the schemes of government in doing so.. His suggestion to all the delegates about visiting some villages is certainly a boost to YV which already planned for “GRAMEEN YATRA” ..
Mean while Dr.Jayaprakash narayana’s entry created a buzz around the conference hall… JP’s session started after Rajesh’s presentation on literacy
Dr.JP’s speech was paid a lot of attention by every delegate which is as usual. Delegates raised many questions to which JP answered…… one thing that seriously attracted me was JP’s approach towards the younger generation… he raised the morale of the young people who are worried about the future of India… He suggested an answer to the younger generation whenever they are criticized on grounds of capability and commitment by the elder generations, this received a huge applause and a mark of confidence was seen on every one’s face.. JP’s session certainly laid a foundation for this meet to end successfully…
Its been a worry to all the organizing members about the drop outs from the conference in the afternoon session… In lunch time swathi, mayur and few others worked on this aspect of catching hold of people and creating some interest on the afternoon session… but as i said earlier, JP’s session already served this requirement and hardly anyone left in the afternoon… I personally know 10-12 people who planned to leave in lunch but they didn’t…

Before the start of one of the most inspiring person’s session i made a blunder…..i was supposed to invite vijaya to present on women empowerment in India before Dr.sunitha krishnan would take it on. My words went on like this…. “I invite miss.Vijaya to present on women empowerment anndd all those things” I call it a blunder because the words “all those things” would decrease the importance of women empowerment and seems like i was insulting the process of women empowerment…. Dr.sunita krishnan and Mr.Dana kishore pointed it out and i apologized…. but the actual thing that happened was tejaswi has to present the profile of Sunita krishnan after vijaya’s presentation and we lost that paper, we were in search of it and suddenly when i was made to invite vijaya, i was in a tensed situation and made this blunder.. what ever the reason it was, i am not supposed to make such a mistake being brought up from a family which thoroughly believes development of women is the development of nation…. any how we always learn from mistakes, now i got a chance to learn from a blunder… 🙂

Sunitha krishnan’s presentation on trafficking of women and children was high light of the day. Every one in the hall were sensitized and were moved by the way women are molested and harassed… i was moved long back when i saw sunitha krishnan’s TED talk online, now its a personal interaction with her and was very impressed and inspired by the way she answered the questions posed by delegates.. one such answer is ” 80% supported me with silence and 20% gave a partial support”, if we can observe there is a great lesson of positive approach in this statement… she could have said 80% didn’t support me and only 20% gave a partial support, but her positive approach towards the problem of less or no support was amazing… she said she never worried about what she doesn’t have but always focused on the resources available and the optimal utilization of those resources in building and running “PRAJWALA- an anti trafficking organization” successfully… “This is one the qualities of a leader”, said Mr.Dana kishore, collector, Ranga Reddy district…… Going through the end of query session Dr.Sunita krishnan faced some silly questions about hatred on men, love and dowry etc, but she still managed to give convincing answers… This was followed by Mr.Dana Kishore’s inspiring speech.

all the day it was about vision and inspiration but to the end of the day, its about different people coming and giving their opinions (it was supposed to be social idea presentation but very less ideas and more opinions). i was scared that this conference would end as a debate but thanks to some people who didn’t allow this to happen…. I have one thing to say here to whom so ever it is concerned, “our governments are just 63 year old, but the problems we are facing are far more older than our governments, may be hundreds of years. NGO’s and social clubs are those which support governments in fixing the problems and finding a solution in a relatively quicker time, but any number of NGO’s can’t change the situation alone by adopting 100 people each or by any other means “…

At the end, a feedback session from all the organizers swept the tiredness which crawled over us throughout the day…. The three major problems we overcomed was explained by Mayur followed by views from abhishek, Dr.vijay, vikram, goverdhan and Nagesh.. Every one contributed in the talks.. Dr.vijay spoke about tangible and intangible components which i always love listening to.. How can i forget mentioning our CC-Swathi and JC-Krishna Teja ‘s efforts in making it a day to remember… 😉
Ishan, prathyusha in technical aspects and few others from IARE, MLRIT and BVRIT in registrations and arranging things.. manasa, rohith, divya and ravi shashanka’s contribution as writers was exemplary.

“Perfect planning and perfect execution would always lead to perfect ending provided when every one feels responsible”… this is what happened here and the reason why it became a memorable day. YV has exposed itself to the society and it has set a stage for itself, from now there will be an eye on YV activities. As every one said “ANTHAM KADU IDI, ARAMBHAM”.

Went home with teja discussing about a new innovative concept, “VIRTUAL MARRIAGE”… think over it folks, very interesting 😀

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ROBOT hangover !!

Was in college today to attend a workshop on free software promotion… initially it seemed interesting but gradually people lost interest n so did I. I know its the release day of country’s most awaited movie ROBOT, some of my friends were already in theaters but i was struck in the workshop, we got messages stating that robot is just an average movie and didn’t reach the expectations……
We already have tickets to the matinee show, so waited till the end of morning session of workshop, had lunch and went to out favorite manju theater( i hardly missed any flick released in this theater…. u’ ll read a post on this theater soon 🙂 )
I kept my expectations low after reading the messages from my friends about the movie… But slowly the magic of shankar started amazing me, its not about Rajni’s action in the first half but its all about new theme and concept of a robot in Indian cinema… but the spectacular show of graphics, shankar’s screenplay and super star’s superb action came into play in second half… wow!! showing rajni as a robot and climax action sequences made me feel like i was watching a Hollywood movie..
Aishwarya has a decent role but rajni stole the show with both heroism and negative shade, yet again he proved why he is called a super star…. kudos to shankar and team. Rajni’s action as a villan(disastrous robot) showed another side of this legendary actor. The last half an hour of the movie showed hundreds of rajni’s as robots which would fascinate his fans..
As usually this is a typical shankar’s flick with amazing scenes for masses but the concept of robot and artificial intelligence also attracts the other sector of audience.. shankar is well known for screening a script which is highly impossible in real life, but he always managed to convince the audience with those impossible scripts and he did the same here…. Robot creating another robot and hundreds of such robots forming into different shapes and fighting humans seemed to be unreal but the graphical miracle and hundreds of rajni’s in one frame made us forget about reality….
At first i wondered why they took so much time to make this film and why such a huge budget… but after watching the movie i’m convinced… i can see every single penny of the spent 162cr on the screen…. all in all its a rajni-shankar miracle on Indian screen and one of the best movies i have ever watched…….I’m still unable to get out of the ROBOT hangover… 😉 guys go watch it, fascination guarenteed 🙂

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