ROBOT hangover !!

01 Oct

Was in college today to attend a workshop on free software promotion… initially it seemed interesting but gradually people lost interest n so did I. I know its the release day of country’s most awaited movie ROBOT, some of my friends were already in theaters but i was struck in the workshop, we got messages stating that robot is just an average movie and didn’t reach the expectations……
We already have tickets to the matinee show, so waited till the end of morning session of workshop, had lunch and went to out favorite manju theater( i hardly missed any flick released in this theater…. u’ ll read a post on this theater soon 🙂 )
I kept my expectations low after reading the messages from my friends about the movie… But slowly the magic of shankar started amazing me, its not about Rajni’s action in the first half but its all about new theme and concept of a robot in Indian cinema… but the spectacular show of graphics, shankar’s screenplay and super star’s superb action came into play in second half… wow!! showing rajni as a robot and climax action sequences made me feel like i was watching a Hollywood movie..
Aishwarya has a decent role but rajni stole the show with both heroism and negative shade, yet again he proved why he is called a super star…. kudos to shankar and team. Rajni’s action as a villan(disastrous robot) showed another side of this legendary actor. The last half an hour of the movie showed hundreds of rajni’s as robots which would fascinate his fans..
As usually this is a typical shankar’s flick with amazing scenes for masses but the concept of robot and artificial intelligence also attracts the other sector of audience.. shankar is well known for screening a script which is highly impossible in real life, but he always managed to convince the audience with those impossible scripts and he did the same here…. Robot creating another robot and hundreds of such robots forming into different shapes and fighting humans seemed to be unreal but the graphical miracle and hundreds of rajni’s in one frame made us forget about reality….
At first i wondered why they took so much time to make this film and why such a huge budget… but after watching the movie i’m convinced… i can see every single penny of the spent 162cr on the screen…. all in all its a rajni-shankar miracle on Indian screen and one of the best movies i have ever watched…….I’m still unable to get out of the ROBOT hangover… 😉 guys go watch it, fascination guarenteed 🙂

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