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>Why do we crave for ice cream , irrespective of how old we get
>Why can we never get over our first crush .. first love too
>Why is it so hard to say no when we want to
>and Why is it again so easy to say yes when we actually want to say no
>Why do girls get more and more friend requests the moment a close-up picture is up on their social profile
>Why is sense of humour so important in a relationship
>basically, Why is relationship so important
>also , whats with being available on gtalk and having the status message as ”I am on my iphone” Iphone my ass…..if you want to flaunt it , do it the right way …
>and whats the point in being “available” for chat n having a status “VERY BUSY..dont disturb”
>Why does a boss come late when we are early n early when we are late..
>why do boys always get insecure the moment an ex says a completely pleasant platonic hello
>why do we always give 200% to a relationship close to the heart and if things go wrong , we just like that say , Its like I never really knew him/her .
>why do we say “I don’t care money” only after earning sufficient.
>why is it so very hard to say I’M SORRY n I LOVE YOU …

n now the important one
>Why the hell did i scribble this nonsense on my blog now?? 😉


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