Crazy… Mad… weird

03 Oct

Where can one start if one was asked to tell the most weirdest, craziest and mad things happened in ones life.??
In a very short life of mine, i do have quite a good number of them…. Herez some of the wackiest moments of my life till now…

1.Way back in 2007, before i joined my engineering, me along with few other friends were on a highway for a ride. After travelling for abt 60 kms from my place, there was a lake (may be “pond” would be a better word to describe that). Anyone would go crazy after looking at the scenic beauty of that pond. We jumped into the water… Swam for abt an hour… played a beach volley ball kind of game. Having enjoyed to the core we were tired and started back home. After travelling for abt 500mts in the same route we came,i turned back sitting on the bike to capture the bushes in my cam n was dumbstruck to find a sign board both in English n Telugu stating “Beware of Crocodiles.. entering water may be dangerous” and “Mosallu unnai.. neellaloki digadam pramadakaram”.. Pheeewww!! Minds were fucked up for an hour…. 😀

2.There is a building with a name board “SHAFALI” in front of our college. The building looks small n very beautiful in the shade of two trees. It has a door n is covered by glasses allover making it impossible for an outsider to get a view of whats happening inside…
Being students of a college situated in the heart of the city we enjoyed the privilege of bunking classes and exploring all possible hangout spots in the city.
It was vamsi’s birthday in 2009.. We all bunked the afternoon session n planned to go out for a lunch. “We have tasted food in all the restaurants around our college except in SHAFALI”, someone said.. Vamsi immediately responded saying “food masth costly ra, moreover it doesn’t taste good in shafali ata”. but few of us were determined to taste Shafali’s food, so its finalized..
We were waiting in front of Shafali for vamsi to join us(he was in college). As soon as I saw vamsi coming out of
college gate we entered shafali. Me along with raghava n rakshith were the first set of ppl to enter Shafali . As soon as i pushed the glass door and entered shafali i was shocked…. God damn its not a restaurant, its a BOUTIQUE..
I stood like a rock for few seconds n came out immediately. I dint expect that to be a boutique at all…. It was already more than 2 years since we joined SVIT by that time and we had cane juice not less than a 50 times exactly in front of it and we dont know what Shafali is.. 😀
Imagine how vamsi would feel.. remember he said “food masth costly ra, moreover it doesn’t taste good in shafali ata” 😉 😀

3.Now lets go back to my school days(my KG days to be precise).I vaguely remember this incident but its a moment worth remembering for years….. I was in UKG and was walking back home in the evening after my school. Some naughty fellow pushed me n i fell down on the grass beside the road. My teacher was watching this from behind, she came n lifted me up.. I dont remember what she said but she shouted on me at the top her lungs and that scream was scary. She went on her way after lifting me up, i was still standing there. After some time she turned back and called me with a hand sign. I shouted “Nenu ranu, Nee intiki nuvvu po ve”. 😀 The best part was i went home crying that day n when my mom asked the reason i said “Maa teacher nannu tittindi” 😉 😀 in fact its me who scolded her..!!

4.Now a very recent one….. Its during my final year project submission. An external examiner from university has come to my college to review our projects and to grade them. When my turn came i went along with my team members Tarun and Srujan. Straight away she started screwing us. She asked some clever questions to which we couldn’t answer even though we know the the answers(only Btech students of JNTU can understand this point) 😉 With all these clever question i thought she was a tough examiner to handle with.
After some time she started questioning on the technology used in our project. We used “Google Ajax”. She never heard about it and the conversation went on like this….

Examiner: What is Ajax?
Me:That’s a technology used to mine the opinions in our model.(our project is OPINION MINING)
Examiner: Can u show me the algorithm for that (she forwarded a white paper to me)
I was blank, i don’t know what does she mean by an algorithm in the sense of Ajax. I jus stood like that for few seconds. Srujan came to my rescue.
Srujan: ma’am we don’t draw it, we import it.

Me(to myself): Import?? from wre?? Moon ah?? mars ah?? 😀

Examiner: “Oh! u import that ah… ok amma. Go n execute your project. I ll come n see.”

Me(to myself again): what does she mean?? Is she satisfied with the answer Srujan gave??

In fact YES, she is absolutely satisfied with the answer and she gave an expression as if she learnt a new concept of importing an algorithm from srujan.. Im sure even he doesn’t mean what he spoke out. Just out of confusion he told something n it worked out well.. Srujan, u r a champ ra 🙂

P.S: 3 of us got 190+/200 in our final project (may be jus for that answer) 😉

There are many more freaky things i did which i couldn’t share on public domains. But life wont be interesting without all these.

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