What’s up with my People…..??

27 Oct

I’m blessed to have a hell lot of friends… 😀
Last night i was thinking about all my friends and also about their current statuses.I realized, “WOW! I have a diversified network”

Lets go through everyone of them…..

>Let me start with my Oldest friend (Shortest of all) ;-), Shareef. Tried different jobs and finally settled with Airtel, I strongly believe Airtel is a right place for him coz he always believed in “HAR EK FREIND ZARRORI HAI” concept.. 🙂

>Vinay is happy doing his own business and he calls it a “UNIVERSITY”. He is a VC there, he is a Dean, a professor, a student and a Watchman.

>I wonder if Amruta will ever return back to Hyderabad, Its been more than an year since she left to Banglore for her Journalism course.

>Nagaraju and Gopal are in search for job.

>Divya seems happy with CSC and even more happier with her MMTS journey everyday.

>Ammu busy with her Physiotherapy final exams. She might be waiting for some one of us to break our limbs for her practicals… 😉

>Gopi Krishna enjoying in UK by sending all his assignments to India especially to me. :-@

>Rakesh and Anu are some where in heavens and watching all of us. Im sure of Rakesh flirting the angles over there in heaven and Anu might be eating lots and lots of Dairy Milk…(Missing them badly) 😦

>Suresh is busy moving around the consultancies and getting tensed abt his Visa Interview.

>Dani is busy with his new Girl friend (He broke up recently with a girl n fell in love with his car) Being a student in University of Dayton hez enjoying every party in his campus and making all of us feel jealous through facebook.. 😀

>Tarun has become a chuparustum these days. He isn’t telling anything to me. Chupa Chupa he started his processing.

>Hitesh and Sunil are enjoying Diwali in Warangal and planning to start their visa processing.

>Bhargava is planning to join his M.Pharm this year but his dad wants him to take an year time and prepare for NIPER. Fingers crossed, Talks are going on.. 😀

>Rahul is earning good in Accenture and spending them better. 😉

>Manasa jus joined her MBA and started dreaming of being a CEO of an MNC. Crazy girl… 😀

>Krishna Teja is going to join in FIITJEE. His dream job as a Physics tutor for IIT aspirants.

>Rakshith is now a BUSINESS MAN. when ever i call he says “Mama i ll call u after the business hours” 😀

>Vamsi was busy with his brothers marriage these days and now he is back with his course in Dilsukhnagar.

>Now, the one who loves what ever she does, Deepti is enjoying in WIPRO and planning for her PG next year.

>Sharanya and Vandana are in chennai learning Tamil and training for CTS…. 😉

>Srujan and Sindhu became silent after he reached US and no updates from there.

>Supriya is interning with deloitte.. Sorry its “Deloitte” (there is a big diff b/w ‘deloitte’ n ‘Deloitte’, ask Supriya) 😀

>Swetha in Broadridge is in a dilemma whether to continue there or move away from that product based firm.

>Raghava is waiting for Mahindra Satyam’s call endlessly and meanwhile appearing for CAT (Meow Meow)

> Tarun(Titan) is busy with CMC, classes and interviews etc etc…

> Santosh in ADP.

> Mythri is regretting MBBS and want to be an engineer after completing 3 years life Medical college life. 😉

P.S: Im stopping this here, it doesn’t mean my friend list ended, it only means Im exhausted. No offence ppl… 😀

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One response to “What’s up with my People…..??

  1. GeetS

    October 31, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    nice collage and narration wow:)


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