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Im proud of Myself

Hey! before i post something jus go through the text below…

“I saw him first on 24th.Just saw him or may be it would be perfect if i say i just heard him.What a bullet voice…!!!You know….I love guys with a bullet voice.and his voice was far beyond that…don’t know what.Actually this guy doesn’t need a mike…:-P.Seriously.
I mistook him to be someone who is commanding,someone with too much of attitude,someone who tyrannizes.But having spent some time with him all i realized is that he is just not what i assumed him to be and he is something much worse than that…:-P
He is extremely commanding,throws attitude everywhere he goes, and lots!!!He can never be a diplomat and says anything point blank
I should tell you..that he was the only guy who made me cry….u a record setter charan!!
There are a few words like…”good for you”,”I mean it” and i dont remember if any….
I have been asking this guy for something and he hasn’t turned up with them yet.
Every argument he wins and i lose,he makes me realise am a fat ass!!.But at the end of the argument I’m proud to be an ass..:))
I might know him just 2% of what he actually is(as charan says),I’m happy with this 2% of charan,always pulling my legs,giving me a james bond look,just waiting for a chance to mock me down…..But you know what…i love him like whatever he is!!
I’l dedicate a complete post for Charan sometime later…but for now,i’l keep it short.
I know…he would just laugh this off but charan……..”

Now, u might have already guessed that its a post on me. Its by one of my friends GEETHA (
This is not new to me.. This isn’t the case with Geetha alone but with many of my friends. Initially they come to a conclusion on me n finally they agree they were wrong. Its gives a great feel when people tells you about what they initially thought you are and what  actually you are  … 😉 I’m proud of myself to have such great friends. Don’t you think Geetha deserves a PHD for her research on me? 😉

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