Baby I’m Addicted…!!

19 Aug

It is said that “Every art and science emerges out of life” 

                    “Every Subject has got a relevance to real life”

I have read one of the most celebrated and sophisticated sciences of today’s world and got graduated in it but never found it close to life. I only found it making life easy (arguable statement) but never found any relevance to real life.

I have been reading Finance for 9 months and got addicted to it recently. If you ask me its certainly the only subject i found close to life, of course only among the few subjects which i came across in a very short life of mine.

Every time i learn a new concept of finance,I’m being fascinated. Its so close to reality, I can find the application of it in every walk of life. Currency in my wallet to Bank loan calculation— every thing seemed to have another side after i started knowing Finance. I just wonder how amazing the facts are and how cleverly they hid themselves from non finance people.

The argument “Finance is all about money and obviously money makes people interested in it” is not totally true with the fact being, finance deals with value not money, of course that value in real world is measured in monetary terms.

Finance’s relevance to real life starts from the basic lesson in finance i;e “Time value of money, compounding and discounting”It says time has a power to change anything and everything. whats today wont be same tomorrow not because of anything except time. The basic thumb rule in finance which says “Always look forward through time” and “all the values are relative” are so well derived from real life.

Let me end this with a funny quote of Prof.Gautam Kaul, If u r a Finance guy n if u r asked by someone to explain how you got a particular value, just act as if u are thinking and slowly say “IT IS COMPOUNDING”.!!   9 out of 10 times you ll be correct…!! 😉

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One response to “Baby I’m Addicted…!!

  1. Pooja

    September 14, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    🙂 nice


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