What’s up with my People…..??

I’m blessed to have a hell lot of friends… 😀
Last night i was thinking about all my friends and also about their current statuses.I realized, “WOW! I have a diversified network”

Lets go through everyone of them…..

>Let me start with my Oldest friend (Shortest of all) ;-), Shareef. Tried different jobs and finally settled with Airtel, I strongly believe Airtel is a right place for him coz he always believed in “HAR EK FREIND ZARRORI HAI” concept.. 🙂

>Vinay is happy doing his own business and he calls it a “UNIVERSITY”. He is a VC there, he is a Dean, a professor, a student and a Watchman.

>I wonder if Amruta will ever return back to Hyderabad, Its been more than an year since she left to Banglore for her Journalism course.

>Nagaraju and Gopal are in search for job.

>Divya seems happy with CSC and even more happier with her MMTS journey everyday.

>Ammu busy with her Physiotherapy final exams. She might be waiting for some one of us to break our limbs for her practicals… 😉

>Gopi Krishna enjoying in UK by sending all his assignments to India especially to me. :-@

>Rakesh and Anu are some where in heavens and watching all of us. Im sure of Rakesh flirting the angles over there in heaven and Anu might be eating lots and lots of Dairy Milk…(Missing them badly) 😦

>Suresh is busy moving around the consultancies and getting tensed abt his Visa Interview.

>Dani is busy with his new Girl friend (He broke up recently with a girl n fell in love with his car) Being a student in University of Dayton hez enjoying every party in his campus and making all of us feel jealous through facebook.. 😀

>Tarun has become a chuparustum these days. He isn’t telling anything to me. Chupa Chupa he started his processing.

>Hitesh and Sunil are enjoying Diwali in Warangal and planning to start their visa processing.

>Bhargava is planning to join his M.Pharm this year but his dad wants him to take an year time and prepare for NIPER. Fingers crossed, Talks are going on.. 😀

>Rahul is earning good in Accenture and spending them better. 😉

>Manasa jus joined her MBA and started dreaming of being a CEO of an MNC. Crazy girl… 😀

>Krishna Teja is going to join in FIITJEE. His dream job as a Physics tutor for IIT aspirants.

>Rakshith is now a BUSINESS MAN. when ever i call he says “Mama i ll call u after the business hours” 😀

>Vamsi was busy with his brothers marriage these days and now he is back with his course in Dilsukhnagar.

>Now, the one who loves what ever she does, Deepti is enjoying in WIPRO and planning for her PG next year.

>Sharanya and Vandana are in chennai learning Tamil and training for CTS…. 😉

>Srujan and Sindhu became silent after he reached US and no updates from there.

>Supriya is interning with deloitte.. Sorry its “Deloitte” (there is a big diff b/w ‘deloitte’ n ‘Deloitte’, ask Supriya) 😀

>Swetha in Broadridge is in a dilemma whether to continue there or move away from that product based firm.

>Raghava is waiting for Mahindra Satyam’s call endlessly and meanwhile appearing for CAT (Meow Meow)

> Tarun(Titan) is busy with CMC, classes and interviews etc etc…

> Santosh in ADP.

> Mythri is regretting MBBS and want to be an engineer after completing 3 years life Medical college life. 😉

P.S: Im stopping this here, it doesn’t mean my friend list ended, it only means Im exhausted. No offence ppl… 😀

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‘A’ for Apple….!

A for….. Apple!!!
The very first word we learn in English is Apple.

3 Apples changed this world.

Eve ate the 1st one and hence we all are here on this planet.
2nd one fell on Newton and revolutionized Physics.
Steve Jobs offered the 3rd one and mesmerized this world.

These Apples are not just PAST they are HISTORY.

People say “Apple a day, keeps the Doctor away.”

Which Apple??
I don’t know what Apple keeps ur doctor away from u but to me its my “Apple Ipod” 😀

RIP Steve Jobs.. The world will miss u forever.

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I grew up doing…………

I have seen 4-decades 2-centuries 2-millenniums but I’m still 22.. 😀

Before the start of new millennium, i knew about a lot of things which i dont know now and i did lot of tasks which i couldn’t do now. Life has changed a lot in these 11 years.

>I grew up watching shaktimaan on DD.
>Cartoon Network’s Popey show n Duck Tales fascinated me.
>Cricket was the only sport accessible to me on TV.
>I grew up worshiping Sachin and Ganguly as gods.
>I would have killed Wasim Akram and Saeed Anwar if i had met them 😀
>I dont even know the existence of the game called Tennis. (I badly missed Steffigraf and Pete Sampras)
>WWF was the only discussion point with my friends in school.
>I really thought Undertaker died 6 times and he was born again just to Win a match against Stonecold.
>I loved Rikishi’s dance in the wrestling ring.
>My Grand Mother used to watch Mahabharath and Sri Krishna on sundays.
>“Aahat” was the horror show which terrified me.
>I played cricket on my terrace and loved to be a joker in the game just because i can bat Twice. 😉
>“Boom Boom boomer” advertisement drove me crazy and i chewed infinite number of Boomers and Big babool’s to collect the tattoos.
>I always had a tottoo on any one of my wrists.
>“Maha Lacto” was one of my favorite candies.
>I had hundreds of cricket and WWF cards.
>Action shoes (remember “Action ka school time” ad).
>Never heard abt Puma, Reebok and Adidas.
>Parle and Britannia were the only two brands of biscuits available in market.
>I believed that Dairy Milk really contains One and half glass milk.
>“Little Hearts” were my favorite evening snack.
>ThumsUp and Limca were the famous soft drinks. GoldSpot was more famous.
>I loved uncles and Aunts who gave me a Frooti.. 😉
>I always had a bitter experience climbing a Gaint wheel in exhibition but next year i again wanted to climb.
>“Dark room” was the most adventurous of all the games.
>Couldn’t find better games than “Chor-police, current shock, chain cut” to play in the evenings.
>Anthyakshari was more like a girly game.
>Roads were filled with Ambassadors, Maruti 800 and few Fiats.
>I loved to watch an Aeroplane flying over my house.
>I read “Tinkle Digest” and “Chacha Choudary” books.
>”SABU” in chacha Choudary books was my favorite character.
>Summer holidays, Dussera holidays, Christmas Holidays… No matter why holidays are granted for i used to land in my Grand Ma’s place 🙂
> I never knew what McDonald’s and Pizza Hut were.
>My mama’s “Kawasaki” was my dream bike. I loved to travel on “BULLET”… (Dug dug dug dug) 😉
>“Maggi” just entered markets and introduced noodles to me.
>I collected Britannia biscuit wrappers to score 100 runs during 1999 Cricket World cup.
>I played “Road rash” and “Dangerous Dave” in my school computer.
>I learnt “LOGO” in school.
>I spent innumerable hours in search of “Mario‘s” girlfriend. 😉 😀
>I thought “Contra” was the greatest invention in the history of mankind.
>I thought my teacher was the most genius person on the earth.. 😀
>I used to say “same to you” if some one wished me on new year or any festival.. 😀
>Shame shame puppy shame….. 😉
>Greeting cards with Sharukh khan, Chiranjeevi and kajol on them were the only way to greet friends on New Year.
>I knew “In pin safety pin”, “Inki pinky ponky-Father has a donkey” by heart.
>I had a BSA Photon Bicycle.. 🙂
>Scooby-doo just entered cartoon network.
>I thought “FOREIGN” was a country like England or japan. 😉

Everything changed now except “SANTOOR MUMMY” and “Washing Powder NIRMA” 😀 😉


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Crazy… Mad… weird

Where can one start if one was asked to tell the most weirdest, craziest and mad things happened in ones life.??
In a very short life of mine, i do have quite a good number of them…. Herez some of the wackiest moments of my life till now…

1.Way back in 2007, before i joined my engineering, me along with few other friends were on a highway for a ride. After travelling for abt 60 kms from my place, there was a lake (may be “pond” would be a better word to describe that). Anyone would go crazy after looking at the scenic beauty of that pond. We jumped into the water… Swam for abt an hour… played a beach volley ball kind of game. Having enjoyed to the core we were tired and started back home. After travelling for abt 500mts in the same route we came,i turned back sitting on the bike to capture the bushes in my cam n was dumbstruck to find a sign board both in English n Telugu stating “Beware of Crocodiles.. entering water may be dangerous” and “Mosallu unnai.. neellaloki digadam pramadakaram”.. Pheeewww!! Minds were fucked up for an hour…. 😀

2.There is a building with a name board “SHAFALI” in front of our college. The building looks small n very beautiful in the shade of two trees. It has a door n is covered by glasses allover making it impossible for an outsider to get a view of whats happening inside…
Being students of a college situated in the heart of the city we enjoyed the privilege of bunking classes and exploring all possible hangout spots in the city.
It was vamsi’s birthday in 2009.. We all bunked the afternoon session n planned to go out for a lunch. “We have tasted food in all the restaurants around our college except in SHAFALI”, someone said.. Vamsi immediately responded saying “food masth costly ra, moreover it doesn’t taste good in shafali ata”. but few of us were determined to taste Shafali’s food, so its finalized..
We were waiting in front of Shafali for vamsi to join us(he was in college). As soon as I saw vamsi coming out of
college gate we entered shafali. Me along with raghava n rakshith were the first set of ppl to enter Shafali . As soon as i pushed the glass door and entered shafali i was shocked…. God damn its not a restaurant, its a BOUTIQUE..
I stood like a rock for few seconds n came out immediately. I dint expect that to be a boutique at all…. It was already more than 2 years since we joined SVIT by that time and we had cane juice not less than a 50 times exactly in front of it and we dont know what Shafali is.. 😀
Imagine how vamsi would feel.. remember he said “food masth costly ra, moreover it doesn’t taste good in shafali ata” 😉 😀

3.Now lets go back to my school days(my KG days to be precise).I vaguely remember this incident but its a moment worth remembering for years….. I was in UKG and was walking back home in the evening after my school. Some naughty fellow pushed me n i fell down on the grass beside the road. My teacher was watching this from behind, she came n lifted me up.. I dont remember what she said but she shouted on me at the top her lungs and that scream was scary. She went on her way after lifting me up, i was still standing there. After some time she turned back and called me with a hand sign. I shouted “Nenu ranu, Nee intiki nuvvu po ve”. 😀 The best part was i went home crying that day n when my mom asked the reason i said “Maa teacher nannu tittindi” 😉 😀 in fact its me who scolded her..!!

4.Now a very recent one….. Its during my final year project submission. An external examiner from university has come to my college to review our projects and to grade them. When my turn came i went along with my team members Tarun and Srujan. Straight away she started screwing us. She asked some clever questions to which we couldn’t answer even though we know the the answers(only Btech students of JNTU can understand this point) 😉 With all these clever question i thought she was a tough examiner to handle with.
After some time she started questioning on the technology used in our project. We used “Google Ajax”. She never heard about it and the conversation went on like this….

Examiner: What is Ajax?
Me:That’s a technology used to mine the opinions in our model.(our project is OPINION MINING)
Examiner: Can u show me the algorithm for that (she forwarded a white paper to me)
I was blank, i don’t know what does she mean by an algorithm in the sense of Ajax. I jus stood like that for few seconds. Srujan came to my rescue.
Srujan: ma’am we don’t draw it, we import it.

Me(to myself): Import?? from wre?? Moon ah?? mars ah?? 😀

Examiner: “Oh! u import that ah… ok amma. Go n execute your project. I ll come n see.”

Me(to myself again): what does she mean?? Is she satisfied with the answer Srujan gave??

In fact YES, she is absolutely satisfied with the answer and she gave an expression as if she learnt a new concept of importing an algorithm from srujan.. Im sure even he doesn’t mean what he spoke out. Just out of confusion he told something n it worked out well.. Srujan, u r a champ ra 🙂

P.S: 3 of us got 190+/200 in our final project (may be jus for that answer) 😉

There are many more freaky things i did which i couldn’t share on public domains. But life wont be interesting without all these.

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>Why do we crave for ice cream , irrespective of how old we get
>Why can we never get over our first crush .. first love too
>Why is it so hard to say no when we want to
>and Why is it again so easy to say yes when we actually want to say no
>Why do girls get more and more friend requests the moment a close-up picture is up on their social profile
>Why is sense of humour so important in a relationship
>basically, Why is relationship so important
>also , whats with being available on gtalk and having the status message as ”I am on my iphone” Iphone my ass…..if you want to flaunt it , do it the right way …
>and whats the point in being “available” for chat n having a status “VERY BUSY..dont disturb”
>Why does a boss come late when we are early n early when we are late..
>why do boys always get insecure the moment an ex says a completely pleasant platonic hello
>why do we always give 200% to a relationship close to the heart and if things go wrong , we just like that say , Its like I never really knew him/her .
>why do we say “I don’t care money” only after earning sufficient.
>why is it so very hard to say I’M SORRY n I LOVE YOU …

n now the important one
>Why the hell did i scribble this nonsense on my blog now?? 😉


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Being Myself……

Its been 3 months since i joined EHL.
3 months…12 weeks…90 days….
What does this mean to me?
For an outsider its a job….its a source of income….its keeping myself busy.
But, for me its a passion… its a source of self satisfaction… its “BEING MYSELF”. 🙂

Thanks to Suresh, Harika, Pratheek and Pooja akka for supporting my decision to work for EHL.
Love u all 🙂

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Two things u don’t know about me…..

> I’m a drug addict.
> I have attempted suicide.

Really!!!? Ha ha 😉
> For me drug means paracetamol…nothing more than that 😀
> coming to suicide… I cant even spell it correctly (SPELL CHECK helped me here).. 😉

Come out of the seriousness guys, I wont share any serious and shocking stuff here.. 🙂
I ll just share 2 funny qualities of mine which most you people don’t know.

1) I wont eat FRUIT.

Yes, this is a fact. I never tasted an Apple in my life, its the same case with Mango, Grapes, papaya…. what not, you name a fruit and i never ate it… 😉 The only exception in this case is banana and Guava( Its been 2-3 months since i ate a banana and may be an year since i ate a guava).
Now, don’t ask me WHY? I don’t have an answer for this….
Don’t even raise a point of “How can you hate a fruit without actually tasting it?”. My parents were tired asking these questions and they were yet to get an answer from me.
Ask my mother about this quality of mine, she will tell a story, Its goes on like this….
Way back in 1990 when i was a 1 year old kid(may be less than that) my mom tried to feed me with a banana-i tried to run away,she forced-i resisted, she tried harder and was finally successful. But in the next minute i vomited. From then its the same case with all the fruits.

After many years of struggle, my mom could manage to make me eat bananas. My parents tried very hard to make me taste(forget about eating) other fruits at least once but i was rigid.. Finally, after so many years they gave up very recently. Now, I’m left as a person who eats no fruit except banana(only when some one forces me to eat). My rejection to fruit is to such an extent that i don’t even like to smell certain fruits like sapota and kharbooz… Of course I love the smell of Pineapple… 🙂


Confused??? dont search for it in Google…
Somniloquy is an act of talking in sleep… 😀
Dont take the literal meaning of it from google, Im not a hardcore Somniloquist but i do talk while sleeping. Its not that i exhibit this talent everyday ;-), i do it very rarely but very efficiently 😉 When ever i become a somniloquist i can grab the attention of people sleeping in another room by spoliling their sleep.(this is wat i mean by efficiency 😀 )

Few days back at around 3 A.M my dad heard my laugh and woke up. He thought i was on a phone call. He came to my room(of course with lot of anger) to find out whom i’m talking to at 3 in the night. I was under the blanket and he can still hear me talking. He pulled out my blanket and then he realised that im not on a phone call but was in a deep sleep. I was talking in sleep. He told me about this in the morning, I rememembered nothing but i enjoyed the way he narrated the story.
Imagine the intensity of my voice if it can wake up my father sleeping in another room. 😀

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