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A Philosophy of Peace or A Warriors Pride??

Here comes philosophy…
I will tell u a story. Lets go back to the time when Alexander came to India.
When Alexander crossed the river Indus, he found a yogi sitting on a rock and looking into the skies. Out of curiosity, Alexander went to the yogi and asked- “What are you doing?”. “I’m experiencing the EMPTINESS”, replied the yogi. Alexander laughed at him.
Yogi asked alexander “What are you doing”. I’m “Conquering the world” said Alexander. Now its yogi’s turn to laugh at him.
Alexander never heard about experiencing emptiness and yogi never believed in the concept of conquering the world.
For Alexander, exploration and victory matters. According to yogi, all these are worldly pleasures and have no importance in one’s life. He believes in destiny.
Who is correct?

I believe, at one point in everyone’s life, there comes a moment – when a person has to choose between the philosophy of peace and the glory of a warrior. One path takes him to a state of eternal calm, bliss and a life of no troubles. The other path takes him through darkness, wildness, adventure, madness, fame, pride, passion, love, hurt, hate and what not?
What is the best option?

In the past three years i have always chosen the later, i wanted to be a glorified warrior who follows his heart and tries to conquer the world (If not THE world at least MY world). I have my own reasons for that and i was successful in that. It is only a few days back i realized that its not possible to be a warrior all the time. Sometimes, you will be forced to a be a calm saint and you can do nothing about it(Don’t mention the age old quote, “Nothing is Impossible”, certain things are certainly Impossible).

Being a calm saint is very much necessary at times. I’m a calm saint now and unlike the yogi in Alexander’s story I’m not Experiencing Emptiness instead I’m Emptying Experiences

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