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Oh My Go(o)d

A 9th class guy comes to me (in fact his mother calls me) to clarify his doubts in solving mathematics sums. Initially he used to ask me doubts in algebra and commercial mathematics, those were the chapters in which I always scored high during my school days. He then misunderstood me as a mathematical genius and started coming to me for geometry. That poor chap doesn’t know how bad I was in geometry all through my schooling. As I don’t want to loose that image of mathematical genius in the minds of that guy and his mother, I somehow managed to clear his doubts with lot of effort. 😉

Was discussing a sum on circles inscribed in triangles(god only knows why one has to do it :D) earlier this month, I was struck somewhere and couldn’t move forward with the logic in it. My student (i can’t believe i can be a teacher ;-)) understood my situation and diverted the topic on to the movies. He told about a movie he watched the previous night, its about a man filing a case against the GOD in the court of law. I liked the concept though i was never angry or frustrated by the deeds of god. I watched that movie yesterday online. Its OMG

The plot of the movie is very simple, a business man who looses his livelihood due to an act of God(earth quake) sues god and asks for his insurance claim from god. In the process this movie explains the concept of God very well. What the director told in the movie may not be the majority opinion but certainly it holds the logic and truth.I believe in the same concept and i loved the way the movie depicted it. How our society perceives god and what god possibly can be was clearly explained with apt examples.

To me, if at all there is someone or something called GOD, he will never ask for return on the investments he made on you and on your wishes. He can never be angry, irritated or frustrated just because you didn’t perform a particular ritual in the way it has to be done. He will never take a revenge for any wrong deed done by you, He will understand your intentions and can never be judgmental. God has common sense to judge what is correct and what is wrong. God is practical, rational and matured enough to assess a condition and then act accordingly, after all those conditions are created by him. God is not a sadist and most importantly he is not a human being to have all these emotions. God never misunderstands and if he does so, he can’t be a God.

God will never be happy seeing you starving(some ppl call it fasting). If you want to fast, do it for yourself and your health not for god. Also remember god can’t be cheated by your pseudo vegetarian policies. If you feel it’s godly to be a vegetarian better be a vegetarian for ever, Don’t be a Saturday vegetarian or a Thursday vegetarian to fool god, God can’t be fooled and fool can’t be a god.
God is not greedy to consume all the offerings made by you. If at all he is a god, he needs nothing- not even a grain of food or a petal of a flower. You can’t bribe god, he don’t care for any worldly pleasures.

I don’t understand the concept of god fearing. Why should any one fear of god, God if exists should be a companion, mentor, guide and more than anything else a very good friend. im never afraid of my friend- moreover i will be myself with him. God may be superior to you but he ll never consider you as an inferior.

I strongly believe in god. God to me is an ultimate power behind(or may be within) the existence of this universe. I assume god to be in a particular shape or size depending on my convenience- its my choice because GOD doesn’t mean anything except-


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