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From Miss.Naidu to Mrs.Kaur

“Marriage is the craziest of all the inventions by man…!!”

I generalized the statement by using the word “MAN” but somehow i strongly feel its a woman who came up with the concept of marriage at first. 😛 I have my own reasoning to say its a lady’s invention and not gentleman’s. 😉

Witnessed two special marriages in the last two months. One in the family and one in my friend’s circle. One is the most awaited one and the other is the most unexpected one. I happened to visit one of these couples last week. what struck me there was the way this marriage changes the life of the married. The person i visited is a very close friend of mine.

I stepped into the house and saw my friend standing there to invite me, it took a while for me to understand who actually was standing there. she has got that typical married look- marriage brings an unknown charm to women. At that time i didn’t know that this charm is just a beginning of more and more changes i’m going to observe. Instead of saying that i observed the changes i would rather say I felt those.

The way she greeted me, the way she spoke to me was quite a formal way of receiving the guests. As i already know her husband i started talking to him and she went inside. she came back suddenly and asked if i would like to have some water. There is nothing new in it, its just a normal tradition to offer water but the way she asked me literally made me think whether i came to the right place or landed somewhere at the wrong address. Its not the friend I have known all these days, I never saw her being so formal.(probably, formal is a not an appropriate word here, super formal will do 😀 ). I just couldn’t control my laugh then.

Her husband told me how often she talks about me and other friends and how happy he was to have me at their place but I was still confused. I seriously didn’t find my friend there, i felt it was some other lady looking like my friend. To add to this confusion “she was cooking”. OMG!! as far as i know she never cooked food in her whole life. I have been to her place and ate her lunch box many times when we were in college but never got a chance to taste the food cooked by her. we always used to tease her on this.

We sat for lunch and she started serving, i could see a typical Indian wife serving her husband and the guests with pleasant expression on her face. I kept looking at her continuously and and was wondering whether its the same girl who shared a class room with me for four long years. she was a tomboy during our college days. I always used to say, God did a mistake by creating you as a girl. none of friends expressed a different opinion on this statement of mine, even she never opposed it-i remember her saying “probably yes” followed by a wink. 😉 She cooked well, certainly beyond my expectations, infact i kept my expectations low knowing her past cooking records. 😛

When two old friends meet what possibly can they do except revisiting the forgotten memories 😀 we are no different, we spoke about all the fun we had in college, friends, hangouts, lecturers and some unforgettable, hilarious, weird and embarrassing incidents. She was so enthusiastic in telling all these to her husband. This is the time when i felt i have found the good old friend of mine. She looked like how she was earlier to me only after 3 hours of my stay there. she was again formal(super duper formal) while seeing me off. 😀 undoubtedly she looked happy with her new life and gorgeous with her new look, it’s just that i couldn’t relate two phases of her life but she seemed to be adjusted comfortably in her new role. 🙂

Now, is this the case only with women or even men will change after marriage. Am i supposed to wait till i get married to know the answer? 😉 😛

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