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(CHA)ALA nachesindi……

Yesterday, rakshith n srujan forced me to join them for a movie… don’t know why but i was very rigidly fixed on my decision of not to watch a movie that day…. Of course i had a work to do but that’s not so important… I have postponed many such works for various silly reasons but it didn’t happen yesterday… In the Evening rakshith n srujan called me to say, what an awesome movie i missed!

In the morning i realized I’m absolutely free today and hence i contacted few of my friends to accompany me to the movie, then i realized I’m the only bevaars fellow today. 😉

For the first time in my life i went to a movie all alone. Its “ALA MAODALAINDI”. The first thing i liked about the movie was the screenplay. The way director narrated the story was incredible. Its a cute love story with pure entertainment. At times the movie appears serious but the very next scene makes the audience laugh. The whole movie went on this way making me love it.

I can clearly say “its one of the best movies i had ever watched”. “nuvvu gay ani chepanu le” was my favorite dialogue of the film. I loved the dialogue delivery of heroine Nitya menon. I just came to know that its her own voice and not that of any dubbing artists. Her characterization was simply superb. Most of the guys would dream to have a girlfriend of that kind..!!
P.S: Don’t ask me abt my dream in this regard… 😉

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>:-< :-|| :-@

“You don’t really show your Emotions, then y do u need a blog with a name EMOTIONS EXPLORED”, questioned one of my friends. “I don’t show emotions but i present them” was my answer.

My dear friend, here I’m showing my emotion(not presenting it) for the first time
Its an anger which came out of BETRAYAL,
An Anger evolved from losing faith.
All these days i thought I’m very good in assessing people, but for the first time it went wrong.
I’m angry on myself for being wrong.
I’m angry on the loyalty i have shown because it resulted in betrayal.

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