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I have lost many things in my life…. i lost a pencil when i was in my primary school, that was a very big loss then… when i came to high school i started losing my books n pens….. that didn’t hurt me much bcoz loosing such things became a part of my life…..As life went on i ve lost many things…. i lost my money,my phone,my grades n even my first crush 😉 and then a series of losses followed for years…. all these losses made me sad for a day or may be for a week….
though i felt sad for loosing them,in a course of time i realized that they made my life exciting n exposed me to new experiences….. when i lost my pencil though she chided,my mom bought me a brand new pencil…. after that for every loss i got compensated. when i lost my book i got new book, when i lost my mobile i got a super cool mobile which made my friends jealous…. so this way every time i lost something i got compensated in a higher way….
people say “if at all old one’s never get lost we will never get to know about a new thing, life looks incomplete may be for an hour or for a day when we lose something and after that we will start finding our passion towards a new thing…”
Is it the same thing with every loss?????
Is it that we always gets compensated when ever we lose something????

“of course we get compensated” would be my answer if these questions were posed two years back….
now i say life can not compensate every thing n there ll be few UNCOMPENSATED LOSSES… 😦

i LOST i LOST n never gonna gain it back again… its been two long years n still I’m not compensated(do i want to get compensated for that loss?…. may be not)…..
why did i lose that???
is it just because I’m strong enough to accept that loss??
do i deserve that loss???

some so called super power above all of us must answer these…….

This loss never made me accept a new thing n i feel lost even today after 2 years…. nothing compensated it until now n i guess nothing is gonna compensate it…..
one ll get to know the importance of the lost thing only after losing it but the important thing i noticed after losing this is we not only get to know the importance but also our perspective n approach towards looking at the lost thing changes… it would be very late by the time u realize that…
in that way “I AM A LOSER” n “I AM LOST“..

If Tears could build a stairway
and memories were a lane,
I would cry a million tears
to walk right up to Heaven
And bring you back again…
missing you 😦


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WhEn WhY WhAt!!

Today while walking back home from college i got a thought of “shiva charan raj resuming blogging”… no specific reason for that [“as if you
have a valid reason while you stopped blogging ;-)]…
so started to think on what to post… i just looked around hoping to get some inspiration from the happenings on that small street road…. 1st thing i noticed was a dog barking at another dog(great start dude!!), then my eyes went on to a college going couple walking (may be bunking) on that road… they really make a good pair :)) i moved on n reached a temple, heard some divine spells…. i moved forward n i found a little girl learning to ride a bicycle n her father training her all of these seemed interesting n i thought of posting something on these issues…. but there was one damn interesting thing that i noticed after sometime was “I forgot my blogging account’s password” 😀
i could reset that n by that time everything faded out of my mind…. so let me(no one is stopping u) hope some better posts from next day…. 🙂

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I’m back

back to blogging after a long time………..

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