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Oh My Go(o)d

A 9th class guy comes to me (in fact his mother calls me) to clarify his doubts in solving mathematics sums. Initially he used to ask me doubts in algebra and commercial mathematics, those were the chapters in which I always scored high during my school days. He then misunderstood me as a mathematical genius and started coming to me for geometry. That poor chap doesn’t know how bad I was in geometry all through my schooling. As I don’t want to loose that image of mathematical genius in the minds of that guy and his mother, I somehow managed to clear his doubts with lot of effort. 😉

Was discussing a sum on circles inscribed in triangles(god only knows why one has to do it :D) earlier this month, I was struck somewhere and couldn’t move forward with the logic in it. My student (i can’t believe i can be a teacher ;-)) understood my situation and diverted the topic on to the movies. He told about a movie he watched the previous night, its about a man filing a case against the GOD in the court of law. I liked the concept though i was never angry or frustrated by the deeds of god. I watched that movie yesterday online. Its OMG

The plot of the movie is very simple, a business man who looses his livelihood due to an act of God(earth quake) sues god and asks for his insurance claim from god. In the process this movie explains the concept of God very well. What the director told in the movie may not be the majority opinion but certainly it holds the logic and truth.I believe in the same concept and i loved the way the movie depicted it. How our society perceives god and what god possibly can be was clearly explained with apt examples.

To me, if at all there is someone or something called GOD, he will never ask for return on the investments he made on you and on your wishes. He can never be angry, irritated or frustrated just because you didn’t perform a particular ritual in the way it has to be done. He will never take a revenge for any wrong deed done by you, He will understand your intentions and can never be judgmental. God has common sense to judge what is correct and what is wrong. God is practical, rational and matured enough to assess a condition and then act accordingly, after all those conditions are created by him. God is not a sadist and most importantly he is not a human being to have all these emotions. God never misunderstands and if he does so, he can’t be a God.

God will never be happy seeing you starving(some ppl call it fasting). If you want to fast, do it for yourself and your health not for god. Also remember god can’t be cheated by your pseudo vegetarian policies. If you feel it’s godly to be a vegetarian better be a vegetarian for ever, Don’t be a Saturday vegetarian or a Thursday vegetarian to fool god, God can’t be fooled and fool can’t be a god.
God is not greedy to consume all the offerings made by you. If at all he is a god, he needs nothing- not even a grain of food or a petal of a flower. You can’t bribe god, he don’t care for any worldly pleasures.

I don’t understand the concept of god fearing. Why should any one fear of god, God if exists should be a companion, mentor, guide and more than anything else a very good friend. im never afraid of my friend- moreover i will be myself with him. God may be superior to you but he ll never consider you as an inferior.

I strongly believe in god. God to me is an ultimate power behind(or may be within) the existence of this universe. I assume god to be in a particular shape or size depending on my convenience- its my choice because GOD doesn’t mean anything except-


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From Miss.Naidu to Mrs.Kaur

“Marriage is the craziest of all the inventions by man…!!”

I generalized the statement by using the word “MAN” but somehow i strongly feel its a woman who came up with the concept of marriage at first. 😛 I have my own reasoning to say its a lady’s invention and not gentleman’s. 😉

Witnessed two special marriages in the last two months. One in the family and one in my friend’s circle. One is the most awaited one and the other is the most unexpected one. I happened to visit one of these couples last week. what struck me there was the way this marriage changes the life of the married. The person i visited is a very close friend of mine.

I stepped into the house and saw my friend standing there to invite me, it took a while for me to understand who actually was standing there. she has got that typical married look- marriage brings an unknown charm to women. At that time i didn’t know that this charm is just a beginning of more and more changes i’m going to observe. Instead of saying that i observed the changes i would rather say I felt those.

The way she greeted me, the way she spoke to me was quite a formal way of receiving the guests. As i already know her husband i started talking to him and she went inside. she came back suddenly and asked if i would like to have some water. There is nothing new in it, its just a normal tradition to offer water but the way she asked me literally made me think whether i came to the right place or landed somewhere at the wrong address. Its not the friend I have known all these days, I never saw her being so formal.(probably, formal is a not an appropriate word here, super formal will do 😀 ). I just couldn’t control my laugh then.

Her husband told me how often she talks about me and other friends and how happy he was to have me at their place but I was still confused. I seriously didn’t find my friend there, i felt it was some other lady looking like my friend. To add to this confusion “she was cooking”. OMG!! as far as i know she never cooked food in her whole life. I have been to her place and ate her lunch box many times when we were in college but never got a chance to taste the food cooked by her. we always used to tease her on this.

We sat for lunch and she started serving, i could see a typical Indian wife serving her husband and the guests with pleasant expression on her face. I kept looking at her continuously and and was wondering whether its the same girl who shared a class room with me for four long years. she was a tomboy during our college days. I always used to say, God did a mistake by creating you as a girl. none of friends expressed a different opinion on this statement of mine, even she never opposed it-i remember her saying “probably yes” followed by a wink. 😉 She cooked well, certainly beyond my expectations, infact i kept my expectations low knowing her past cooking records. 😛

When two old friends meet what possibly can they do except revisiting the forgotten memories 😀 we are no different, we spoke about all the fun we had in college, friends, hangouts, lecturers and some unforgettable, hilarious, weird and embarrassing incidents. She was so enthusiastic in telling all these to her husband. This is the time when i felt i have found the good old friend of mine. She looked like how she was earlier to me only after 3 hours of my stay there. she was again formal(super duper formal) while seeing me off. 😀 undoubtedly she looked happy with her new life and gorgeous with her new look, it’s just that i couldn’t relate two phases of her life but she seemed to be adjusted comfortably in her new role. 🙂

Now, is this the case only with women or even men will change after marriage. Am i supposed to wait till i get married to know the answer? 😉 😛

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Baby I’m Addicted…!!

It is said that “Every art and science emerges out of life” 

                    “Every Subject has got a relevance to real life”

I have read one of the most celebrated and sophisticated sciences of today’s world and got graduated in it but never found it close to life. I only found it making life easy (arguable statement) but never found any relevance to real life.

I have been reading Finance for 9 months and got addicted to it recently. If you ask me its certainly the only subject i found close to life, of course only among the few subjects which i came across in a very short life of mine.

Every time i learn a new concept of finance,I’m being fascinated. Its so close to reality, I can find the application of it in every walk of life. Currency in my wallet to Bank loan calculation— every thing seemed to have another side after i started knowing Finance. I just wonder how amazing the facts are and how cleverly they hid themselves from non finance people.

The argument “Finance is all about money and obviously money makes people interested in it” is not totally true with the fact being, finance deals with value not money, of course that value in real world is measured in monetary terms.

Finance’s relevance to real life starts from the basic lesson in finance i;e “Time value of money, compounding and discounting”It says time has a power to change anything and everything. whats today wont be same tomorrow not because of anything except time. The basic thumb rule in finance which says “Always look forward through time” and “all the values are relative” are so well derived from real life.

Let me end this with a funny quote of Prof.Gautam Kaul, If u r a Finance guy n if u r asked by someone to explain how you got a particular value, just act as if u are thinking and slowly say “IT IS COMPOUNDING”.!!   9 out of 10 times you ll be correct…!! 😉

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Change the Past

It was 1992..

“Y” was killed on May 29th 1992 by “X”. The age of Y at the time of his death was 30.

Now its 2012…

“Z” a friend of “Y” traveled in time and went back to May 28th 1992 and made “Y” kill “X” so that “Y” can’t be killed on the next day by “X”. (I’m sure you are confused, read it again 😉 )

After killing X in the past, Z returns to present and finds his 50year old friend Y alive.(Y’s age at the time of his death was 30 plus 20 years equals his present age 50, Wow great math 😀 )

So, from the next day(in present) people can’t find “X” because he was already killed by Y in the past, In fact the world will forget about the existence of a person X after May 28th 1992 because he was killed by X on that day. ( I know your Confusion is at its peaks 😀 )

Knowing this “W”, a friend of “X” travels in time and goes back to May 27th 1992 and waits there for “Z” to arrive on 28th. His plan is to kill  “Z” as soon as he arrives in the past so that he cant meet his friend “Y” which ultimately saves “X”.

I will end the story here. I can further continue this with the effects of Z’s death in past on present but if i do that you will go mad and stop reading this. 😉

Now, What is this??

This is the concept of MEN IN BLACK-3…!!! I watched this yesterday.

We have seen movies with the concept of time machine and traveling in time both in Hollywood and on Indian Cinema but alterations in past were strictly prohibited in those movies… :-D, this is some thing very unique where any person can go to the past any number of times and make changes there which will have a direct impact on present.

Thank heavens its just a movie. Imagine if this is possible in real world, what would have happened.?

In todays context, JaganMohan Reddy would travel back in past to save his father, YSR from the chopper crash so that he need not be in prison today.

From now on if any one says “You can’t change the past” give them a wink and ask them to watch MEN IN BLACK-3 😉

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A Philosophy of Peace or A Warriors Pride??

Here comes philosophy…
I will tell u a story. Lets go back to the time when Alexander came to India.
When Alexander crossed the river Indus, he found a yogi sitting on a rock and looking into the skies. Out of curiosity, Alexander went to the yogi and asked- “What are you doing?”. “I’m experiencing the EMPTINESS”, replied the yogi. Alexander laughed at him.
Yogi asked alexander “What are you doing”. I’m “Conquering the world” said Alexander. Now its yogi’s turn to laugh at him.
Alexander never heard about experiencing emptiness and yogi never believed in the concept of conquering the world.
For Alexander, exploration and victory matters. According to yogi, all these are worldly pleasures and have no importance in one’s life. He believes in destiny.
Who is correct?

I believe, at one point in everyone’s life, there comes a moment – when a person has to choose between the philosophy of peace and the glory of a warrior. One path takes him to a state of eternal calm, bliss and a life of no troubles. The other path takes him through darkness, wildness, adventure, madness, fame, pride, passion, love, hurt, hate and what not?
What is the best option?

In the past three years i have always chosen the later, i wanted to be a glorified warrior who follows his heart and tries to conquer the world (If not THE world at least MY world). I have my own reasons for that and i was successful in that. It is only a few days back i realized that its not possible to be a warrior all the time. Sometimes, you will be forced to a be a calm saint and you can do nothing about it(Don’t mention the age old quote, “Nothing is Impossible”, certain things are certainly Impossible).

Being a calm saint is very much necessary at times. I’m a calm saint now and unlike the yogi in Alexander’s story I’m not Experiencing Emptiness instead I’m Emptying Experiences

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I was a YATRI….!!

“They say Life’s a Journey…I wish that Journey was Jagriti Yatra!!”shweta Narula (yatri 2011)

From the day i posted my status on Fb saying “Back Home from Jagriti Yatra”, my friends started visiting my blog expecting a post on it. I know i’m late in posting about Jagriti Yatra. But some good things are worth waiting for. The “good thing” i mentioned here is not my post,but a journey-a journey through my experiences in JAGRITI YATRA. I don’t know how i’m gonna present this blog to u but believe me JY experiences are far beyond words n blogs. 🙂

Jagriti Geeth.
What is that i miss the most after coming back from Jagriti Yatra.??
Its JAGRITI GEETH and the dance to it. Its not a typical dance but just a few hand movements to the tune. Imagine 400 people performing it at a time.Physics says energy can neither be created nor destroyed but only transferred from one form to another. This is not true always, some times new energy can be created. The words “YARON CHALO” generated enormous amount of energy and the vibes of energy were spread allover. Feel the awesomeness by watching the video below.. 🙂

The bestest of the best upma i ever ate was on Jagriti Yatra board 😀 (upma served on 1st day). I loved the breakfast and dinner. Lunch was not so good(probably bcoz we had all our lunches outside the train 😉 ). Kudos to the catering team, they carried food to all compartments and served us.

Chai n coffee needs to be mentioned specially. I have consumed gallons of coffee. I have had more tea n coffee on JY train than the tea/coffee i have consumed in my whole life time(Im not exaggerating, i hardly drink tea/coffee in my daily life). Cafe coffee days tag line “A lot can happen over a coffee” appeared to be very true while i was on JY train. 😀

Yeah! u r rite… Its a water bottle 😀
It holds a special status in Yatra. Yatris used it in all possible ways. 😉 From now on whenever i see an aquafina bottle it reminds me of JY(only yatris can understand this feeling).

JY’s bathing experience is incredible. A bogie will be turned into a bathroom-Innovation at its peaks.
I always had evening baths with cold water whether i was in Madurai or in Delhi. Its always very tough to pour the first mug of cold water onto urself when the temperature outside is almost nearing freezing point, so i took the help of my co-yatri bathing in the next bathroom. i asked him to splash water onto me without my notice so that i need not stare at my bucket full of cold water till i get wet for the first time. I too helped him in the same way. We called it “cross bathing“. Almost all my baths in JY were cross baths. 😀

PA system:
“Attention yatris!! Yatris may i have ur attention please!!”
As soon as we hear these words in PA system, Silence prevails allover the train. everyone listens to the announcement. Vibha Joshi who made announcements on train is the most famous person on the board.
Wake up calls made the public addressal(PA) system to a public alarm system, though i never woke up to any of the wake up calls 😉
Head count announcements were funny. “Yatris! head counts are done, u can move around. Thank u” was my favorite announcement.

India is a country with many cultures and languages.” (everyone knows it 😉 )
Have u ever experienced it??
U might have studied in a college where students come from allover India or u might be an employee with ur colleagues from every part of our country but still u need to be a YATRI to sense the true spirit of UNITY IN DIVERSITY.
We all are from different backgrounds, we speak different languages but we all shared and maximized the space available. We shared our views, we criticized each others opinions, we had fun, we ate together, we learnt from each other..! what not? its always “WE” on JY train.
My cohort has 6 yatris and they represent 5 languages and 4 states.
My group has 19 people representing 3 countries, 13 states of India and 12 languages.
Yatis from 23 states of India and 26 other countries were on JY board.

Life on WHEELS:
The most amazing part of JY is staying on the train for 15 days.
You can lead your normal life on train, if u wish u can be abnormal too 😉
Brush ur teeth, bathe, eat, talk, network, work, move around, flirt, sing, dance, sleep… u can do all these things both in a normal and in an abnormal way. 😀

The words “Excuse me and side-side” to move across the length of the train.. Meeting people..Asking for their introductions.. AC chair car sessions.. Life Line exercise.. the “MENTOR” crisis.. Compartment sessions… Biz Gyan tree exercise..New year bash on board.. Shasanks threat of “train toppling down”.. dance at Barpar.. Panel discussions.. Power naps in buses.. welcome at tiloniya..Fire drill at Vizag.. “I repeat” announcements on PA system…Disha teams Whistles..Visiting the pantry car to feel the warmth from the stove over there.. WOW!! Memories to cherish for ever.

What did i learn?
Everyonez asking me abt my learning from Jagriti Yatra.

I have heard from some inspirational people like Narayana Murthy, Anshu Gupta and Bunker Roy. I have visited some amazing models of enterprise like “Aravind Eye Care system”. I have studied about potential business models like “Travel another India” and most importantly I have experienced the diversity in thoughts and working style of people across the globe.
If u ask me to put all my learnings on paper, i may not be able to do so, but Its all about “Unconscious Learning”.

Apply at to be on board of Jagriti Yatra 2012

If you think I have traveled India in a train you are wrong, I have traveled India with India accompanying me in a train 🙂 .


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Im proud of Myself

Hey! before i post something jus go through the text below…

“I saw him first on 24th.Just saw him or may be it would be perfect if i say i just heard him.What a bullet voice…!!!You know….I love guys with a bullet voice.and his voice was far beyond that…don’t know what.Actually this guy doesn’t need a mike…:-P.Seriously.
I mistook him to be someone who is commanding,someone with too much of attitude,someone who tyrannizes.But having spent some time with him all i realized is that he is just not what i assumed him to be and he is something much worse than that…:-P
He is extremely commanding,throws attitude everywhere he goes, and lots!!!He can never be a diplomat and says anything point blank
I should tell you..that he was the only guy who made me cry….u a record setter charan!!
There are a few words like…”good for you”,”I mean it” and i dont remember if any….
I have been asking this guy for something and he hasn’t turned up with them yet.
Every argument he wins and i lose,he makes me realise am a fat ass!!.But at the end of the argument I’m proud to be an ass..:))
I might know him just 2% of what he actually is(as charan says),I’m happy with this 2% of charan,always pulling my legs,giving me a james bond look,just waiting for a chance to mock me down…..But you know what…i love him like whatever he is!!
I’l dedicate a complete post for Charan sometime later…but for now,i’l keep it short.
I know…he would just laugh this off but charan……..”

Now, u might have already guessed that its a post on me. Its by one of my friends GEETHA (
This is not new to me.. This isn’t the case with Geetha alone but with many of my friends. Initially they come to a conclusion on me n finally they agree they were wrong. Its gives a great feel when people tells you about what they initially thought you are and what  actually you are  … 😉 I’m proud of myself to have such great friends. Don’t you think Geetha deserves a PHD for her research on me? 😉

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