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Life time ka “CoNvErSaTiOn”….

Yes, it is a once in a life time conversation—its a never before and ever after conversation–If i had recorded it, it would have been the funniest and most viewed video on YouTube… 😉
I never even dreamt that such conversation would take place anywhere in this world.. I need it be remembered for ever n hence im posting it in my blog!! 🙂

Now, coming to the point, I have two friends (I have many indeed, im talking about two of them here 😉 ). Childhood friends, infact friends from childhood. To be more clear one is a guy and another is a girl, don’t ask me their names(Im sure u’ ll be very eager to know their names after u read this post). I know both of them from the last 12 years. We meet very often. One such meet happened on 21st July.

Three of us were walking in one of the famous(worst) hangout spots of Hyderabad and were involved in some random talks. I and my girl friend (No silly thoughts, Im talking abt a FRIEND WHO IS A GIRL, thats all) were teasing my boy friend(I guess this gives a clarity of wat i mean by girl friend and boy friend 😀 ). He was frustrated by our comments and was desperate to change the topic. There were planets painted on the wall, so jus to change the topic he asked, HEY, HOW MANY PLANETS ARE THERE?. I was abt to tell him not to change the topic but immediately without even thinking for a while Miss.G(enough of gf n bf stuff, from now i’ll call them Miss.G and Mr.B) said, 3 planets. the conversation went on like this……

Mr.B: Hey, How many planets are there??
Ms.G: 3 planets
(I thought she was jus kidding)
Me: Oh really! What are they??
(i asked sarcastically)
Ms.G: SUN, MOON and there is one more planet where ALIENS live, i dont remember its name.. Totally 3 planets.
(I was speechless, Im unable to understand what shez trying to tell. But. before i could react Mr.B gave a statement which literally blew my brains out)
Mr.B: What about earth then, Its a NATURAL PLANET kada???
Ms.G: Earth is a place where we live na, so i don’t think its a planet.
(OMG!now i realized that these guys are into some serious conversation and i interrupted)
Me: Wait! do we have Artificial Planets also??
Mr.B: yeah bey, Artificial planets are sent by human beings into space.
Ms.G: oh, then natural planets do exist naturally,right?
(She gave an expression as if she invented something which deserves a Nobel prize)
Mr.B: yeah exactly, ISRO ppl recently sent an Artificial planet very recently.
Ms.G: correct, i saw it in news.
(there was a blush on her face)

All i can do is ROFL. 😀 😀

P.S: Mr.B has jus finished his engineering and is about to join a reputed company as associate SE in December and Ms.G is in 4th year MBBS. The best part is these two are in serious relationship n if everything goes well they ll be wife n husband in future. MADE FOR EACH OTHER. Gods must be crazy 😉

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Cherishing memories……

Almost six months since i have posted something here….
Lots and lots happened. Last semester,hangouts,fun, cricket world cup, school gets,final exams,last day in college, missing friends, Missing college, good news, bad news,family trips,birthday,first job,first pay cheque… I would say i have jus crossed a crucial stage of my life without actually documenting it on my blog…. 😦
Now, are there any reasons for not posting anything here?? absolutely no. i just didnt feel like blogging anthe…. Suddenly now i realized how important this stage would be in my life. After few years i ll surely cherish all these memories. 🙂
Damn disappointed, Where the hell was my mind all these days? Why the hell didnt i post here?? of course, im occupied with many things but nothing is important than memories to me now. After all, those are the only things which will stay with me forever.
Six months went unnoticed and undocumented. Days cant be rolled back…. 😉

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